Twitter integration

Twitter for Service Desks – a fresh approach to Customer Support

This post is aimed at people who are considering using Twitter as a means of extending their Customer Service operations.

Since its launch back in 2006, Twitter has grown greatly both in the number of users and in the ways users interact with it, and has expanded to a variety of social, political and economy sectors, imprinting its reach in education, law enforcement, academic medicine, campaigning, protesting, business, robotics, politics, fundraising, IT, news reporting, entertainment, arts, etc.

Twitter integration with SerioPlus

Our development team has recently been working on an interface between SerioPlus and Twitter to allow users to take advantage of social media integration within SerioPlus Service Desk system.

 This will allow SerioPlus users to offer additional services to their customers (for example, the management of their service-related social media content).

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