Supplier Management

Supplier Management - Data Available (if you want it)

My recent posts have been on the subject of Supplier Management, and as I signalled in my last post I’m going to talk about some additional data that becomes available if you have a Supplier Management process implemented in your ITSM tool. All of the information below is available to Serio users.

Let’s start with status data, which you would probably access on a daily basis:

Supplier Management - Key Steps in the Process

I’ve been looking at Supplier Management in my previous posts. I’ve noted why we need Supplier Management, and I’ve stressed how using the Serio tool to implement a Supplier Management process allows you to increase the data available to you.

I want to look at Supplier Management from an Incident Manager’s perspective (you have an Incident Manager, right?), and to describe the ‘workflow’ or steps we might take with an Incident that has to be handled by a 3rd party. These are the key steps, though you can expand it with others.

More on Supplier Management

I introduced Supplier Management in my last post. What I will do now is talk about Supplier Management within Incident Management.

Anyone who works on any decent-sized Helpdesk or Service Desk knows that you can (normally) only resolve a percentage of Incidents yourself – for some (and it could be a high percentage) you have to pass to a 3rd party organisation, such as your telecoms provider or your hardware services provider. It’s these Incidents that I’m going to focus on.

Introducing... Supplier Management

My subject for the coming week, whilst here in sunny Camps Bay, South Africa :-), is going to be Supplier Management. It’s an important topic, and I want to start with some of the basics and explain how you can get started.

As I always do when starting such blog threads, I’ll try a definition – and a short one at that.


Supplier Management aims to ensure that suppliers meet the business’s needs and objectives.

Expanding on this definition a little gives:

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