SerioPlus ODBC Driver - Write & Run Reports from Anywhere

We are pleased to announce the availability of the SerioPlus ODBC Driver. The driver allows SerioPlus customers to use third-party applications such as Access to write their own reports, whilst  enjoying all the benefits of a hosted solution.

It works wherever you are, over the Internet, through firewalls. Proxies are supported.

What follows assumes an existing knowledge of using ODBC-based report writers, which I know many customers have in depth, having seen the reports they have created for themselves prior to switching to SerioPlus.

Creating Your Own Reports with Datavision - Formulas

This is a follow-on from my earlier posts about the open source report writer Datavision - the installation post is here and the getting started post is here. If you have not read the earlier post you need to do so before continuing.

In the getting started post last week I did some simple grouping, used some simple calculated fields, and added some variable report criteria.

This week I'm going to do something a little more complex, involving data evaluations and counting.

The Target Report

Writing Custom Serio Reports using Open Source Tools

We are going to be running a series of posts featuring how to write your own reports, in a' tutorial by instalments' form.

The good news we are trying to do this with free tools – so you can follow the posts even if you can’t stretch your budget to a report writer. If you want to follow this posts and create the reports as they are created in the blog, you will need to download the software from the links I’ve given below.

SerioReports - step forward SLA16!

This post will be on the topic of reports you can run in SerioReports – I am going to pick a few and talk about them in detail.

OK, so where is SerioReports? If you don’t have an icon for it on your desktop, remember that it’s an application and needs to be installed (though please remember that it is licensed, so you may need to purchases additional licenses before doing so). Please remember that SerioReports also has it’s own help file distributed with the product.

Integrating Serio with other Applications

Integrating Serio with other systems is almost always not a technology issue (though there are always challenges in this area to overcome). The real issue is the end-to-end process – how the two systems interact, who is responsible where, what status information we need and what management reporting is required. As always, the devil is in the detail and so any integration exercise needs to be handled with careful preparation and managerial planning.


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