New conditional email logging capability

SerioPlus already had the ability to allow emails arriving in the inbox to be logged automatically as Incidents or Service Requests.

However, the Serio team has extended this functionality to allow Serio users to set rules based on dates and times for automatically log incoming emails, e.g. log all emails automatically as Incidents or Service Requests, from Friday at 5pm to Monday at 9am.

Serio Anti Spam Solution Release Announcement

We're glad to announce that our Anti Spam Solution will be released on Saturday, 21st December 2013.

As described in the Anti Spam Update Details post, this system examines your Customer Database and checks the incoming email address against it, admitting only those emails whose sender is known to your Database.  This is done by checking both the customer's whole email address or the customer's domain, depending on your selected settings.

Please consider the following example.

Serio eMail (eDoc) Content - Some Ideas for Administrators

This post is for Serio users, and is on the subject of emails. I’ve blogged about this before, but in this article I’ll look at good and bad content ideas when the email is being sent to a customer.

The first thing you have to consider is format: are you going to use HTML, Text, or a combination of both? HTML allows you to control formatting and fonts, but has the disadvantage that some (very old) email readers might have trouble with it.

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