Change Management

Handling Change Management Non-Compliance

Jim emails ‘Put this one in the blog if you like, but edit out the numbers and change my name. I have to keep track of a 000’s of computers that are on customer sites (we don’t own the equipment need to know where it is). The trouble is our engineers move things and change things without telling me. We have a procedure but it’s routinely not followed. What can I do or should I start looking for another job?’.

Hi ‘Jim’ and thanks for emailing. It’s probably a bit early to start sending your CV out, as there are a few things you can do and suggest to make improvements.

To a new Change Manager...

A customer has recently asked for ‘advice to give to a brand-new Change Manager, and what they are supposed to do’, and that is the subject of this post (possibly inspired by this post?). The organisation in question is quite small, with less than 10 IT staff, but does have a significant IT infrastructure to support. They are part-way through an ITSM programme at their company.

Change Management – are you ready?

If you are thinking of introducing Change Management to your Service Desk/Helpdesk, it is worth asking the question ‘are we ready’.

It is a good question to ask because Change Management requires a degree of process maturity, and presents those taking up Change Management with all sorts of technical, procedural and cultural issues to overcome.


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