Availability Management

Costs of Unavailability

Commentator Peter asks if I can expand on the subject of ‘cost per lost production hour’ in this post on Availability – which is what I intend to do in this post.

Firstly let me say I don’t consider myself an expert in this, having only had to address this once in my career. What I will do is discuss some of the main factors you I believe should consider – if you can think of others, you should add them to the comments below.

Availabilty & the Performance Graphs

This is my penultimate post on the subject of Availability statistics. The earlier post on this was Accessing Availability Statistics.

If you’ve read an understood everything up to this point (then give yourself a gold star) you’ll want to know how you can access Availability data.

This information is available through the SerioClient Chapter called ‘Performance’ (click the link underneath ‘Tools’). If you open a Performance Chapter you’ll see the following graphs that you can use:

Using Serio to obtain Availability Statisics

Those of our Serio’s customers who have employed me as a consultant, or those whose accounts I handle, probably know I have a few (OK, many) hobby horses. One of them is Service Level Agreements (SLA), and in particular thinking about the SLA both widely and in terms of business need. Or put another way, there is rather more to it than setting target response and resolve times for each Incident that the Helpdesk/Service Desk handles.

In particular, it is important to consider Availability. What I mean is this:

Monitoring web applications

With a new Command Center release due very soon, I thought I'd post on one of the new features which interest me most.

The Command Center now has revised HTTP web monitoring functionality. This is more than just pulling off web server statistics though.

Instead, you can now login to web applications, test the pages of the web application, and then log off again. In doing so, you can test for page not found errors, time out errors and so on.

A Serio upgrade is on the way

As I have the honour of writing our first blog entry, I thought I’d start by saying we have an upgrade coming within the next four weeks. As usual, we’ll issue upgrade instructions to all customers with a support contract when the upgrade is ready, along with full info on what is new and how to upgrade.

One of the most significant changes is to our Command Center tool. This product is used for monitoring servers, network links, printers and so on, and is part of our Availability Management offering.

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