Getting Started

Serio IT Service View comes ready-configured to monitor a number of network devices, such a Windows 2003/2008 Servers, Web Sites, Exchange Servers, and practically any Device on your network that has an IP address.

When you first run Serio IT Service View, you are launched straight into the Configuration Wizard, where you set up IT Service View's basic configuration. You are then immediately taken to the New Device Wizard, where you start adding the servers and other network devices you wish to monitor.

Each of these Wizard pages has a help panel to inform you about the set-up choices you have. Don't worry - it's pretty simple.

You can return to the Configuration or New Device Wizards at any time through Serio IT Service View's 'Setup Wizards' menu.

If you have visited the Serio IT Service View home page, then see Key Concepts: Plugins, Device Properties and Resonses will give you a more technical insight. It's really not than complicated though - the 'New Device' wizard takes you through choosing a Plugin, setting Device Properties and Responses.

What Now?