Adding a New Device

Serio IT Service View can monitor many kinds of network Device, such as Windows Servers, Exchange Servers, web sites, routers. Practically any device that has an IP address and is accessible through your network.

To add a Device you wish to monitor to Serio IT Service View,

  1. If Serio IT Service View is Online, go Offline.

  1. Choose 'Setup a New Device Wizard' from the 'Setup' menu in Serio IT Service View, and follow the steps.

As you work through the Wizard, you will be asked to specify aPlugin to use, to configure the Device Properties, and set up the Responses. To learn more, see Key Concepts: Plugins, Device Properties, and Responses.

Important Notes:

1. If you are trying to monitor the Device (computer) on which IT Service View is running through WMI then you should use a full stop '.' as the WMI Username. This is because WMI takes username and passwords for remote machines, but for local boxes it is who you are logged-on as that counts.