Oracle Login & SQL Exec Plugin

Target Platform: Oracle Database Servers

What this plugin does

Connects to the Oracle Database Server using the crendentials you supply.
Runs SQL statements against the server to verify that they run without error.
If an Oracle Error occurs during one of these operations, changes the Device Status to Red and triggers the Response 'On Oracle Error'.

Using this Plugin

The easiest way to use this Plugin is by using the 'New Device' Wizard. Choose 'Set up a New Device Wizard' from the 'Setup' menu, and then select 'Oracle Login & Exec' from the list of Plugins offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to set up on the computer were Serio IT Service View is running?
A: On the computer where Serio IT Service View is running you need to install Oracle client software. You also need to set up a Net Service Name that points to the Oracle Database Server you want to monitor. You can do this using the Net Configuration Assistant or similar software.

When adding the Device for the Oracle Database Server (see 'Using this Plugin' above) set the 'Connect String' Device Property to the Net Service Name you created.

Q: What does the plugin do in the event of detecting an error?
A: When the Plugin detects an error, either connecting to the database, or running one of your SQL Statements, it changes the Device Status of the Oracle Server's Device to Red, and triggers the response 'On Oracle Error'.

It also places a message in the Online Log and the Last Polling message column of Serio IT Service View's display.