Logfile Content & Size Monitoring Plugin

Target Platform: Any Text-Based Log File accessible through the file system from the computer where you are running Serio IT Service View

What this Plugin Does:

This Plugin allows you monitor a Log File (for example, the log files produced by a web server). You can use this Plugin to:

Report when the log file does not exist
Report when new entries are added to the log file
Report when new entries are added to the log file that contain (or do not contain) specific text, such as an error message
Report when the log file gets too big

Using this Plugin

The easiest way to use this Plugin is by using the 'New Device' Wizard. Choose 'Set up a New Device Wizard' from the 'Setup' menu, and then select 'Log File' from the list of Plugins offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I select the log file that I want to monitor?
A: When using the 'New Device' Wizard (see 'Using this Plugin' above), set the 'Log File Name' Property to the full path and file name of the log file you want to monitor, for example:

f:\appdata\log files\wlog.log
\\appserver\share\appdata\log files\wlog.log.

Q: How do I set the various options for reporting on what is happening to the log file?
A: The best way to start is to look at the Properties available in the 'New Device' Wizard. Each Property controls some aspect of how Serio IT Service View will monitor the log file. Read the help associated with each Property to find out what it does and how to set it.

Once you have set the Properties as required, look at the Responses available. Various Responses are offered such as 'On File Not Found' (triggered when the log file does not exist), and 'On New Entries' (triggered when new entries are found the log file). Using the Responses you can make Serio IT Service View take actions such as sending an email or running a program when it detects various conditions. Again, read the help associated with each Response to understand what it does and set the actions associated with the Response as required.

Q: What if I want to monitor more than one log file?
A: Simply re-run the 'New Device' Wizard (see 'Using this Plugin' above) to add further log files to monitor.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the type of log file I can monitor?
A: The log files need to be text files (as most are) and to be accessible from the computer where Serio IT Service View is running through the file system. Also, they need append new entries at the end of the file, rather than placing them at the beginning.

Q: What happens if I delete the log file?
A: If you delete the log file, Serio IT Service View will trigger the 'On File Not Found' Response the next time it polls. By default, the Status of the log file Device will remain at Green. You can choose to have the status change to Red on this condition by setting the 'Red If File Not Found' Property to TRUE.

Q: What happens the log file is truncated or I delete some entries from the log file?
A: If Serio detects that the log file has been truncated, it will trigger the Response 'On Log File Truncated'. It will not report on new entries in the log file during the poll in which it finds the log file has been truncated. However, it will resume reporting new entries as normal at the next poll.