Linux Server Monitoring Plugin

Target Platform: Linux Servers

Operating System Data Monitored:

Free Physical RAM
Processor utilization
Free disc space
Running processes


This Plugin requires the snmp agent (snmpd) from the net-snmp suite ( to be configured and running on the Linux server you are monitoring.

You'll find a sample configuration file for snmpd (snmpd.conf) in the 'Helpers' folder within the folder where Serio IT Service View is installed on your computer (usually \Program Files\ITServiceView). You can either use this configuration file directly or edit it to your requirements (see Frequently Asked Questions below).

Using this Plugin

The easiest way to use this Plugin is through the 'Set up a New Device' wizard, which you can access from the Setup menu in IT Service View. This will take you through the steps you need to go through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you give me any advice on installing and configuring the snmp agent (snmpd) from the net-snmp suite on my Linux server?
A: The following article from our blog discusses setting up snmpd on a Linux server ready for monitoring with Serio IT Service View. Some installation steps for snmpd are particular to Ubuntu, but otherwise the article should apply to any Linux server, and we recommend that you use the article to help get started.

Q: When using the 'Set up a New Device Wizard' to add the Linux Server to Serio IT Service View (see 'Using this Plugin' above), which version of SNMP should I use?
A: Use SNMP v2c. The Plugin will not work if you select SNMP v1.

Q: Can I change the parameters that are used - for instance, can I set my own limits for free RAM?
A: Yes. As with all Plugins this is done through Properties. Use the wizard mentioned above (see 'Using this Plugin') and it will prompt you for this kind of information.

Q: I want to monitor a process that is running on my Linux Server. I added a process name to the Plugin Properties. However, when I attempt to go online, Serio IT Service View sets the status of the Device to Red and says there is a 'Process Configuration Error'.
A: In addition to adding the process name to the Plugin Properties, you also need to update the snmpd.conf file to tell the snmpd agent that you want to monitor this process. If you do not, Serio IT Service View will set the status of the Device to Red as described in the question.

You can find examples of how processes are listed in the snmpd.conf file in the sample snmpd.conf file provided, but see also the blog article mentioned in the first question above.

Q: How will Serio IT Service View notify me to a problem it has detected on my Linux server?
A: Serio IT Service View will automatically update the Display, placing a message in the Polling Message column and in the Online Log. Depending on the severity of the problem detected, it may also change the Device Status to Amber or Red. The 'Set up a New Device' Wizard takes you through adding additional Responses such as sending yourself and email or running a program (see 'Using this Plugin' above).

Q: Can I log this data?
A: Yes you can. Once the wizard has finished, edit the Device and go to the Data Logging tab.

You are free to modify and customise this Plugin as required.