IT Service View - Free

Completely free & with no device limitations, IT Service View can work with Windows servers using WMI for agent-less operation, or other types of devices such as hubs and routers using SNMP.

IT Service View is highly configurable. It comes with its own fully featured scripting language called SerioScript - which allows you to work with device data, load custom DLLs, manipulate files, run programs, send emails and so on, interacting with SNMP and WMI data.

You can even examine how the plugins that come installed work, and modify them for your own installation.

  • Allows you to check key variables on servers such as Free RAM, Processor Utilisation, the status of installed Services, status of processes running & Free disc space
  • Features an elegant red/amber/green 'traffic light' display for device health
  • Easy to install web pages that show you key status information for each device
  • Supports WMI for agent less monitoring of Windows servers
  • Supports SNMP polling and traps for better cross-platform operation
  • Integrated MIB compiler for SNMP devices
  • Allows you to define custom emails to be sent when errors are detected in your infrastructure
  • For Windows servers, you can define these additional responses to try to recover from the error such as reboot or shutdown the server, restart a process, restart a Service
  • Allows monitoring of HTML pages and web applications using one of the standard plugins - which you can edit for your own applications
  • Supports queue monitoring of Exchange 2003
  • Supports simple 'ping' monitoring using the standard 'Ping' plugin
  • Extensible by creating custom plugins, or extending/editing the standard plugins

IT Service View Pro

Same great monitoring and Plugin engine as IT Service View, but with Pro features for

  • Datacentre professionals
  • Availability managers
  • Those involved with IT Service Management Best Practice with ITIL®.

Try IT Service View Pro free for 30 Days, and get these extra features:

Serio IT Service View Pro - World icon Allows your current real-time Availability statistics to be published on the web easily, as shown here

IT Service View Pro - SLA icon Allows you to define one or more Service Level Agreements (SLA) and to associate these with the computers, web sites and other equipment that you monitor

Serio IT Service View Pro - Graph icon Produces Service Level Agreement-based Downtime and Availabilty Reports automatically, based on the data it collects - for those involved in ITIL Availabilty Management

Serio IT Service View Pro - Mail icon Allows you to schedule these Reports so that they are emailed to you or your customers automatically at times of your choosing

Serio IT Service View Pro - Edit icon Records each downtime event that it observes, recording the Start/End date and times, Device Status and SLA time elapsed, and allows you to amend or delete these events as required

Serio IT Service View Pro - Linegraph icon Running display of Availability and Downtime for each Device over past 3 months, previous month and the current month

IT Service View Pro measures your end-user experience, records what it finds, delivers real-time status information, and emails you or your customers Service Management statistics - your ideal tool for Availability Management.

System Requirements: Windows 2003, Windows XP or Vista with the latest Service Packs applied.

IT Service View Feature Matrix

Feature IT Service View IT Service View Pro
Plugin-based monitoring of a wide range of Devices icon_tick
WMI and SNMP Support
Device Status Display
Device Information Web Pages
Plugin Editor
Email integration for alerts (SMTP and Outlook/Exchange)
Configurable Problem Responses
SNMP Trap Handling
MIB Compiler
Configuration Wizards
Full range of standard Plugins
Restart Windows Services/Launch Local Programs/Send emails/Restart Processes/Reboot Windows servers on Error
Gather Availability and Downtime Statistics
Define Service level Agreements
Create Downtime and Availability Reports
Edit Downtime Data
Schedule and email Reports Automatically