ITIL Helpdesk Software

ITIL Helpdesk SoftwareSerio Helpdesk is verified by Pink Elephant as compatible with industry best practices. Pink Elephant provides the framework, terminology and business workflow principles that allow ITSM and ITIL Helpdesk Software tools to successfully implement globally accepted business principles.

SerioPlus features everything you need to get up and running quickly, providing rapid return on investment and better service to your customers - all backed-up by our customer service and support programmes.

Being a Pink Verified tool means that SerioPlus has achieved 100 percent of the mandatory criteria, including ITIL compliance for product features, terminology and workflow, for the processes being assessed, therefore complying with industry standards. So you are sure to be covered if you wish to start implementing ITIL at your company at a later time.

Incident Management Problem Management Change Management

SerioPlus features an ITIL-Ready all-round IT Service Management software with ITIL v3 certification for Incident, Problem and Change Management. It is a fully ITIL compliant product with Asset and Configuration Management, Knowledge, Contract and Service Level Management integration, as well as a full range of standard ITIL Reports.

Incident Management VS Request Fulfillment

Serio ITIL Helpdesk Software recognizes Service Requests as independent business processes and developed solutions with this in mind. In SerioPlus, the use of Checklists can guide you through the Service Request process, step by step, therefore avoiding memory lapses and bringing the process to a standardized workflow.


Configurable workflow positions managed through Actions

Serio understands the importance of having a tool that approaches ITIL processes in a flexible and effective manner so that the service's life cycle can clearly establish a relationship between the process stages, as defined by ITIL v3, and the specifics of your company's business processes and workflow. SerioPlus ITIL Helpdesk Software features Configurable Actions, allowing you to simultaneously create actions that make sense to your company and support ITIL integration by facilitating the Service Strategy, Design, Transition, Operation and Continuous Improvement.

Configurable Actions

Dashboard view of ITIL KPIs

Serio provides an overall view of your company's performance following ITIL Key Performance Indicators.

ITSM Dashboard

ITIL-ready Metrics and Reports

Serio provides a variety of ready to use standard reports, including (but not limited to):

  •  Logged and Resolved Incidents, Service Requests, Problems and Changes
  • SLA Analysis, including responses and fix times, by priority, team, category, etc,
  • Agent and Team Performance and Current Assignment Status
  • Change Management Status and Performance
  • Customer Contract Reports
  • Configuration Items and Services
  • Billing and Charging
  • Supplier Performance
  • Executive Summaries and Daily, Weekly and Monthly Standard reports