Unified Service Data View

Serio presents service entities, and the inter-relationships between them, in a hierarchical form in the style of an explorer that can show differing levels of detail – the Service Explorer. It is capable of serving both novice users and power users, and usually needs no explanation.

For example, whilst looking at an Incident you can examine the Item associated with the Incident, and see all of that Item’s previous Incidents, Problems or Changes with a single click. Or you can choose to view the Services in which the Item participates, and view the inter-relationships defined between that Item and others.

Service Explorer

Alternatively, whilst looking at a Problem you can follow links to associated Incidents or Changes, and easily access Service Team, Customer and Service Level information regarding each of these.

For power users, you can create your own ‘Branches’ within the tree that are populated with very specific data driven by your own workflow.

It's logical and intuitive, and something you'll be able to use right away.

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Service Level Management
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