Service Request Management

In the past, many companies will have handled Service Requests as special types of Incidents, or as Changes – but defining them separately gives us an opportunity to have better reporting to reduce administrative time.

Serio Service Request guides its users through the Service Request process by completing simple steps in the form of Checklists.


These Checklists present those working with Service Requests with:

  • A tick list of tasks that they have to do in order to resolve the ticket.
  • Help and guidance on how to complete these tasks.

  • Reminders as to what they’ve done, and what they need to do next

You can attach a Checklist to any ticket. For the Agent delivering service to customers, they see a list of what needs to be done, with the instructions that you define for the Checklist, and can't close the ticket until the Checklist is completed. You will also define which steps are mandatory and which ones are optional. Each step is audited and mandatory steps must be signed-off by the engineer in charge.

It's also easy to access status information: like grouping Checklists by their current Task, or those that have not been actioned for a while.

Service Level Management
Configurable Actions
Scheduled Events and Reminders