Serio Report Package

SerioReports is a part of the Serio system used to generate presentation-level reports. It contains a number of pre-defined graphical and text based reports that you can use to analyze the data held within your system.

It provides a wide range of ready-made reports as well as the possibility of you creating your own customized reports.

If you are setting up a new Helpdesk, you should think carefully about reporting.

We've thought a lot about reports. That's why we include a full suite of ready-made reports for you to use - including (but not limited to):


. A choice of Daily, Weekly and Monthly summaries and status reports;

. First Time Fix Rate;

. SLA Response, Resolution and Escalation Performance;

. System availability, including impact hours and total up time;

. 3rd-party supplier performance;

. Agent and Team performance and metrics;

. Customer satisfaction trends and analysis;

. Status and Workflow Position reports.

All of these can be easily scheduled to run automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and you'll be able to choose who will get them in their email inboxes.

We also provide guidance on preparing management reports - useful for those attempting this for the first time, or getting started as a helpdesk manager or team leader.

You can also construct your own reports using comprehensive samples and source code we provide. If you are comfortable with SQL-based report writing tools you can write your own totally custom reports.

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