Scheduled Events and Reminders


The developing team at Serio understands the importance of a methodical approach to tackling all challenges presented in a fast-paced environment like the IT Service. For that reason Serio created Reminders to help you remember every little thing you need to do throughout your working day, be it meetings with Customers or Actions you must take on an Incident to follow it through.

You'll have the ability to set as many Reminders as you want on any given Incident, Problem, Change or Service Request. And you may cancel them independently also.

Scheduled events

When Reminders become due, Serio will send out a notification in one (or more) of the following ways:

  • an entry in the Serio Journal;

  • a Serio Message;

  • a text message;

  • an eMail.

Scheduled Events

Scheduled Events were developed to help you organize and keep up with your workflow. A Scheduled Event allows Serio to log Issues for you, at time intervals that you specify. These can be one-off events or events that repeat in time (weekly, monthly, etc).

For example, suppose that you have to renew a backup tape every Monday at 16:00 hours. You could create a Scheduled Event for this purpose. Every Monday at 16:00 Serio will then log an Issue for you, instructing you that the backup tape needs to be changed.

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