Remote Desktop View and Control


SerioPlus provides great support tools built-in to help you deliver great support to customers - and they work straight away through most firewalls without any reconfiguration of your customer's network, or your own.

Central to this is remote desktop view and control. However, if you need to either upload or download files you'll find that provided too.

You'll also have access straight away to text chat facilities, and like remote desktop and file access, text chat works just fine through firewalls too. By simply clicking a button, you can log a new Incident with the entire chat history loaded for you.

Remote desktop

This is a tool that allows you to take control of the desktop of a Customer's PC. In this way, problems might be fixed or questions answered without staff having to physically go to the computer, or talk the Customer through a series of complicated commands.

Serio Remote Desktop is like 'being there'. If you use Serio Engage to open the Control Panel under Windows, your Customer will see you do this - meaning that you can not only resolve problems more quickly, but you can answer questions more directly too.

SerioPlus Engage runs on your Customer's machine when required. It can be quickly downloaded and installed by users from intranet sites. The connection to the Customer's machine running SerioPlus Engage is made through SerioClient.

Serio Remote Desktop can connect to machines running

. Windows 7
. Windows 8
. Windows 10

Incident Management
Problem Management

Custom Paragraph: 

"I've worked with SerioPlus for 6 years and I've always had the technical support that I need, in a timely fashion. I normally request help through Serio Remote Tools, the ones that are embedded in Serioplus's own system" Capito