Problem Management

Serio Problem Management tools provide an efficient platform for the management, reporting, and resolution of Problems.

We've thought about the basics. Firstly, linking Incidents to Problems is easy - Serio uses a simple copy/paste metaphor that works either Problem to Incident, or vice versa.

Publishing new Known Errors is easy and takes just a few clicks. There is an easy-to-access list of current Known Errors for support staff, and a way to publish Known Errors for customers on the web (it's all set-up for you automatically as part of SerioPlus).

Problem Management

Raising new Problems is also straight forward. You can either raise them independently, or you can raise then from an Incident in a few simple clicks (linking the two together at the same time).

Naturally we keep a count of the number of Incidents linked - which you can list, sort by, and report on - as part of the management process. We also make it easy for Incident Management staff to flag Incidents as potential Problems, to be picked-up and examined as part of Problem Management.

Lastly, there is a large range of ready-to-use reports covering telling you how many Problems you've logged or have currently active, how long they've been open, the CI's and customers affected, and more.

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