Knowledge Management

Serio understands the importance of effectively sharing and making information available for the achievement of organizational goals. The Serio Knowledgebase allows you to perform exacting free-text queries on the data held within the Serio system, offering great power and flexibility.

The SerioPlus approach to organizational knowledge helps you produce and unlock the wealth of knowledge held in the Serio system, placed by Helpdesk staff as Incidents, Problems, Changes and/or Service Requests are resolved.

For example, suppose that a user reports a problem with a payroll system. Mid-way through the wages run, the message 'O/S Exception 1204055' is displayed on the console and the system stops. Using the Serio Knowledgebase, you could try the following query:

payroll and exception and 1204055

which will list all those Issues with the words 'payroll', 'exception' and '1204055' in the Issue or Action history. The query could also have been:

"O/S Exception 1204055"

which will return any Issues or Actions with the exact phrase contained within it.

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