Incident Management

Serio Incident Management provides both Incident Managers and Service Desk staff with the tools necessary to restore services and fix problems quickly and effectively.

  • Comprehensive and customisable Incident logging

Quick Log

  • Speed-logging option for Incidents that come up all the time

  • Easy access to similar Incidents at the point of logging (for instance, same customer, same location, same Configuration Item and so on)

  • Fast of linking Incidents to Problems and Changes by means of 'copy/paste' metaphor. You can also raise Problems and Changes directly from Incidents with a few clicks.

  • Option to obtain customer contact data, and company/organisational data, from Active Directory

  • A full range of easy to access key performance indicators for Incident Managers

  • Integrated and easily-accessed knowledgebase search facilities

  • Direct access to diagrammatic representation of the Configuration Database (CMDB) through our Service Assistant

  • Access to both remote desktop control tools or PC diagnostic tools from either Incident logging or Incident management

  • Time-based Escalation Management

  • Different options for how you start the logging process. For instance, start by locating the customer and Serio will identify the Configuration Item from the CMDB. Alternatively, start with the CI and Serio will load other data automatically such as the customer details.


Incident Management

  • Integrated Journal that shows you all the activities that are happening (the emails you are sending, the Incidents, Problems, Changes and Service Requests you and your team are logging) as they happen.

  • Sophisticated by easy to use Incident searching features, using either free-text or Query by Example (QBE).

  • Customisable Incident lists - choose from over 260 items of data including Incident data, Service Level data, CI details, Supplier information and more. Icons are provided to warn you about Escalations and SLA breaches.

Unified Service Data View
Service Level Management
Configurable Actions