Email Integration and Features


Our electronic document editor gives administrators control over style, layout and content, enhancing your image with each email sent. Likewise, Serio provides an integrated inbox for handling all inbound support emails and includes multi-lingual support.

Integrated Email Support

Serio Helpdesk puts an end to the nightmare of fragmentation of Helpdesk emails into individual email accounts, by unifying the management of all inbound and outbound email into the main Helpdesk tool, SerioClient.

From SerioClient, any Serio user may:

. Manage emails about new enquiries from the Serio Inbox.

Email features

. Access the email history of an Incident, and view attachments.

. Send emails to Customers, including attachments.

. Receive alerts about emails sent by Customers relating to Incidents they are working on.

. Perform free text searches on the content of all emails sent and received using the Serio Knowledgebase.

Receiving emails

Serio automatically adds emails sent by Customers or Suppliers to the history of the appropriate Incident. Automatic logging of emails about new Incidents is also available, or you may choose to take complete control over how the email is logged by logging them from SerioClient's Inbox.

Sending emails

Sending emails is accomplished, as with any other Incident update, by taking an Action in SerioClient. You can combine sending an email to the customer with any Action you take, such as closing an Incident, or re-assigning, to achieve a more efficient workflow.

Email Templates (eDocs)

With Serio's eDoc technology you can create professional HTML eMail templates for your standard emails, such as confirmation of Incident logging and resolution, customer updates, and working with suppliers.

EDocs work much like mail merge documents, allowing you mix standard text and data placeholder fields, which Serio replaces with Incident specific data when the template is used.

Tired of writing the same email over and over? eDocs also allow you to create standard emails to answer routine queries, in which you may flexibly mix standard content with one-off text.

Robust and Simple

Serio works directly with your email server, using the widely supported POP3/SMTP protocols. Unlike some Helpdesk tools, Serio does not require email client software such as Outlook to send an receive emails, and robustly handles situations where your email server is not available, by simply waiting until it is.

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Custom Paragraph: 

"I believe customers value the communication side of operations the most, which SerioPlus allows us to handle very easily." Capito

"The method used by SerioPlus to handle inbound emails is a significant improvement on the method we used previously as the system now recognises when an email belongs to a ticket and automatically adds it whilst making the owner aware." Ultra Airport Systems