Customer Satisfaction Surveys

SerioPlus comes complete with an easy-to-use set of Customer Satisfaction Survey tools that integrate seamlessly with SerioPlus' email tools.

Everything you need to measure and report on customer satisfaction is provided.

Our Customer Satisfaction feature comprises:

  • Tools to prepare the web pages used for collecting customer responses;

  • Delivery mechanisms that allow you to invite participation from your customers in a wide set of circumstances;

  • Comprehensive reports to analyse the responses.

Serio allows you to set the questions asked, the response options given and records everything you need in order to properly analyse the results.

Surveys can vary in content depending upon whether the survey is periodic (for example, a quarterly survey), or based on how well a particular incident was handled by the Service Desk.

Surveys can also be multi-lingual, if you are supporting customers in more than one language.

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