Configurable Actions

Serio recognizes the uniqueness of every business and therefore all of SerioPlus' features are designed with this in mind. Thus, Serio allows you to configure your own actions, the ones that make sense to your business.

An Action in Serio is a business event or action that occurs on the Incident, Problem, Change or Service Request. It can be something that an Agent or a Customer does, or anything else meaningful to your organization.

Examples of Actions:

  • Called Customer
  • Customer called
  • Resolved Issue
  • Sent eMail
  • Mail received
  • Installed hard-drive
  • Assigned
  • Authorized

Actions are the principal way of working with Incidents, Problems, Changes or Service Requests in Serio. If you want to: assign an Incident; make a note; record details of your resolution; seek guidance from your manager and so on, then you have to identify the right Action to use.

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