Change Management


Serio Change Management lets you manage business processes, coordinating and scheduling tasks for individuals and teams. It allows you to model key business processes directly into Serio - and gives you a full and highly flexible graphical representation of the process you've built.

Many different types of activity can be modeled: for example, employees starting or leaving a company, or upgrades to key server systems.

Serio Change Management allows you to schedule IT Tasks during your working day - for example, you could schedule a major server upgrade to take place after your normal working hours. If key stages are late in starting, you can warn key staff such as your Change Manager.

Change Management

It's great for team working too, allowing you to coordinate tasks between individuals and teams. It allows you to give detailed instructions to those participating in the Change, with support for features such as electronic authorisation & sign-off for key task.

Serio supports the use of Release for Deployment Records, which can be easily associated with any Change. You'll be able to have complete control over the progress of each Release Record and record key information on each Release, such as the time window in which the Release is to happen, who is involved in deployment, specific technical instructions and rollback plans for each Release.

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Custom Paragraph: 

"Probably the most complex process we currently run is the Change function as we’ve made the business decision not to have a full time Change Manager and instead use SerioPlus to manage the change requests through a well structure change plan ensuring the tasks required for a successful change are all completed by the most relevant person.(...) The way SerioPlus divides up these tasks and by allowing multiple events to happen in parallel has given us efficiency gains whilst ensuring the ISO200000 fundamentals are observed." Ultra Airport Systems