Service Desk

Unified Service Data View

Serio presents service entities, and the inter-relationships between them, in a hierarchical form in the style of an explorer that can show differing levels of detail - the Service Explorer

Incident Management

Serio Incident Management provides both Incident Managers and Service Desk staff with the tools necessary to restore services and fix problems quickly and effectively.

Service Request Management

Serio Service Request guides its users through the Service Request process by completing simple steps in the form of Checklists.

Problem Management

Serio Problem Management tools provide an efficient platform for the management, reporting, and resolution of Problems.

Change Management

Serio Change Management lets you manage business processes, coordinating and scheduling tasks for individuals and teams. It allows you to model key business processes directly into Serio - and gives you a full and highly flexible graphical representation of the process you've built.

Service Level Management

Any helpdesk/service desk manager knows how hard it can be sometimes to meet SLA targets. That's why at Serio we give you a comprehensive suite of tools to manage your teams' performance before you produce your management reports.

Knowledge Management

The Serio Knowledgebase allows you to perform exacting free-text queries on the data held within the Serio system, offering great power and flexibility. 

Configurable Actions

Serio allows you to configure your own actions, the ones that make sense to your business.

Email Integration and Features

Our electronic document editor gives administrators control over style, layout and content, enhancing your image with each email sent.

Active Directory Integration

Despite being a hosted, SaaS system, SerioPlus can integrate seamlessly with your Active Directory data with zero changes to the configuration of your firewall or network.

Scheduled Events and Reminders

Serio created Reminders to help you remember every little thing you need to do throughout your working day (...) A scheduled Event allows Serio to log issues for you, at time intervals that you specify.

Remote Desktop View and Control

Serio Remote Desktop is like 'being there'. If you use Serio Engage to open the Control Panel under Windows, your Customer will see you do this - meaning that you can not only resolve problems more quickly, but you can answer questions more directly too.


Each SerioPlus account comes with its own zero configuration customer support portal we call SerioWeb. This is a customer self-service web portal that allows your customers to access support services online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Twitter Integration

Serio allows you to connect your Twitter accounts directly into the Service Desk so that you can monitor one or more Twitter accounts and communicate with your Customers, log Issues or publish tweets all from Serio itself.


Asset and Configuration Management

The Serio CMDB holds information about different types of IT equipment and software within your company. It describes their roles, inter-relationships, dependencies and value to the business. 

Contract Management

Serio provides both Customer Contract Management and Supplier Contract Management helping your business handle both your customers and 3rd party suppliers providing services to you.

Reporting & KPI

Serio Report Package

SerioReports is a part of the Serio system used to generate presentation-level reports. (...) It provides a wide range of ready-made reports as well as the possibility of you creating your own customized reports.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

SerioPlus comes complete with an easy-to-use set of Customer Satisfaction Survey tools that integrate seamlessly with SerioPlus' email tools. Everything you need to measure and report on customer satisfaction is provided.