An Introduction to MPLS

This is a post about MPLS (definition below) and a monitoring project we’ve recently helped a Command Center customer with. I’ll start by talking about MPLS in general, and post the monitoring stuff later. I'm going to assume you've never heard of MPLS.

MPLS for Dummies

Security - Why the banks just don’t get IT

I don't have much money to spare, and I wish the banks would make it a little harder for someone else to get what I do have writes Mark James. A few weeks back, I read a column in the IT trade press about my bank’s botched attempt to upgrade their website security and I realised that it’s not just me who thinks banks have got it all wrong… You see, the banks are caught in a dilemma between providing convenient access for their customers and keeping it secure.

Greener Meetings

Tracey Caldwell asks if the time has finally come for videoconferencing in business, at least in Australia and New Zealand.

Now that we are all Green and just as importantly have to be seen to be Green, the days of executives making long journeys in fuel hungry cars or worse still aeroplanes to attend meetings should be disappearing, replaced by virtual meetings.


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