New Service Pack Issued

For Serio Release 5 users, we've issued an updated Service Pack.

The main change is some improvements to SerioClient Express - it's now much faster in almost all aspects of operation. We've also addressed bugs and other things that have come up in Release 5.

To download the latest pack, simply log into the Serio support website ( and follow the links on the welcome page. Installation is pretty easy - just update the files that need updating (instructions are available in the Service Pack).

Troubleshooting Connection Issues with Serio Inventory Agent

In case you are not familiar with it, the Serio Inventory Agent (SIA) is a piece of software that runs on workstations (and sometimes servers).

It's job is twofold: provide network auditing information, and to service the Command Centre product when it wants to get information about a server machine. This post is about the first of these two, when using the Serio Inventory Agent for network auditing purposes. Specifically, what do you do if a particular machine refuses to return any information?

Service Request Checklists - New in Serio 5

I've written previously about some of the changes in ITIL V3 - and in particular Service Requests. My post today is about one of the really nice enhancements in Serio Release 5 to help customers cope better with Service Requests (which can include low-risk, high-volume mini Changes).

The objective was to create something that would help Agents step through a series of steps, offer guidance on what to do, and show others where the SR was in relation to completion - and be simple to set-up and use.


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