Serio Anti Spam Solution Release Announcement

We're glad to announce that our Anti Spam Solution will be released on Saturday, 21st December 2013.

As described in the Anti Spam Update Details post, this system examines your Customer Database and checks the incoming email address against it, admitting only those emails whose sender is known to your Database.  This is done by checking both the customer's whole email address or the customer's domain, depending on your selected settings.

Please consider the following example.

Extended Data Updates

We've added an Extended Data Editor with new functionality within Actions and Change Plans.

  • Adding Extended Data to your Actions List

This will allow you to embed the capture of Extended Data into the Actions you take, and the workflow you use.

  • Viewing and adding Extended Data to Tasks in Change Plans

You can now capture and view Extended Data in a much simpler way. We've added the ability to create an Action that captures Extended Data, and then use that Extended Data in Tasks in your Change Plan.

SerioPlus Update Details

Last Updated: 28/08/13

As stated in my last blog, I am pleased to provide details of the new features which have been included in the next Major Update of SerioPlus, as well as existing functionality which has been improved. Also listed are new reports which will be available for use.

The Rollout is planned for August 31st.



SerioPlus Update Coming

Serio are pleased to announce that a major update is due in the next 7 weeks. Many thanks are due to those customers that have helped us with feedback and testing. The status right now is that we are putting the finishing touches to the code, and undertaking final testing. All customers will need to do is to update their client code. An update will follow detailing what is new.

SerioPlus Update 29th October

The confirmed changes and enhancements for the Sat 29th October update are below.

Quicker Engage Login – We have introduced a faster way for clients to contact you through Engage. Whereas previously customers had to enter their Account Code (for example, A154B-N76WK) they can now just enter a much shorter 4-character 'pin' such as A123. The pin for your account is shown on the 'remote support' page within SerioClient.

SerioPlus ODBC Driver - Write & Run Reports from Anywhere

We are pleased to announce the availability of the SerioPlus ODBC Driver. The driver allows SerioPlus customers to use third-party applications such as Access to write their own reports, whilst  enjoying all the benefits of a hosted solution.

It works wherever you are, over the Internet, through firewalls. Proxies are supported.

What follows assumes an existing knowledge of using ODBC-based report writers, which I know many customers have in depth, having seen the reports they have created for themselves prior to switching to SerioPlus.


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