IT Service Management

ITIL V3 Service Requests

My post today is about something new in ITIL Version 3 – Service Requests. Actually, I say new, but Service Requests (SR) were actually in ITIL V2 (which most of you will be familiar with) but one of the welcome changes in ITIL Release 3 is to make the definition and role much clearer. An earlier V3 post is here.

A Service Request is defined thus:

A Service Request is a request from a user for advice, information, a routine change or access to some IT service.

Defining Known Errors

This is just a very brief follow-up to Duncan's last post, which mentions Known Errors but does not define them.

A Known Error is an output from Problem Management (or more accurately, your Problem Resolution process). For a definition of a problem, click here.

If you think of a Problem as being something you don't understand, think of a Known Error as something you do understand – even if you don't know yet how to fix it just yet.


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