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Placing Test Calls, and Developing a Scorecard for Results

Something two of our customers have started recently, and been kind enough to share with me, has been the placing of Test Calls on a Helpdesk/Service Desk. I've used their comments to prepare this Blog post (so thanks!)

By Test Calls, I mean that a number 'fake' or 'manufactured' calls are placed anonymously and a number of aspects of the call analysed.

For me what is interesting is that I'd not encountered any company that regularly placed Test Calls up until two years ago: since then there has been quite an upswing.

Start-ups, Acquisitions, and your ITSM System

This is a follow-up post on the subject of start-ups and acquisitions, which was posted in the middle of July.

That post looked at what happens of your support operation is suddenly faced with the appearance of a new company (which I called NewCo), and some of the questions you can ask if you are trying to make sense of how this new organisation might affect your IT support service.

This post will address the question

'how do I incorporate them [the new company] into our support system?'

Acquisitions and Start-ups from an ITSM perspective

I'm asked to write about how Group Companies are incorporated into overall IT Service Management. Specifically, what happens if your own company either buys another company or starts another company that will be run as a separate entity (with it's own capital, directors, and premises)?

Of course, I can't answer the question for you - but what I can do is consider some of the issues you might have to work through. Some are conceptual, some practical.

Measuring the Performance of Helpdesk/Service Desk Team and Agents - Part 2

This is a follow from the post last week, continuing the topic of Team and Agent metrics.

Quality of Completion - An interesting an often overlooked figure connected with Incident Management. How many tickets are re-opened after closure? Whilst it might be that there are legitimate reasons for re-opening a closed ticket, a high number might suggest issues with quality control (closure before it's really closed).

Establishing a 24-Hour Helpdesk or Service Desk

If you are asked to set-up a 24-hour support operation, where do you start?

I'll leave Service Level Agreements aside for now, and assume they are in-place. What I'm going to focus on here are staffing issues and staff costs.

There are really two different cases to consider: greenfield site, and an existing operation moving from a more normal 9 to 5 or 8 to 8 to a 24-hour or near 24-hour (for want of a better expression, I'll call this a brownfield site).


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