IT Service Management

Continuous vs Scheduled Releases

This blog post is about timing considerations for the deployment of Changes into the IT infrastructure, specifically the batching together of Releases into a 'Release Window' (defined below) on the one hand, and the continuous deployment of Releases into the IT infrastructure on the other.

Deployment during a Release Window

About IT Environments

This post is aimed at people who work with Change Management and/or are looking to introduce Release Record Management.

In software and hardware deployment a Production Environment is comprised of the IT infrastructure that supports the day to day activities of the business.

Typically, 4 IT Environments are considered when preparing a Request for Deployment:

  • Development Environment

Are we all going to Disappear in a Cloud?

Is someone in their 40's old for the IT industry? Maybe. Whatever the answer to that is, whenever someone says

'[insert technology here] will revolutionize the way companies use technology and IT departments work'

my immediate response it to yawn and move on to the next article, or switch the TV off. I've seen it all before.

Does anyone remember the Network Computer, and if so have you seen one recently? No neither have I.

Estimating the Cost of Incidents - The Incident Management Process

This is a follow-up post to Estimating the Cost of Incidents. I wrote then that if you are going to make such an estimation, you need to look at costs to the business, and the costs of resolving the Incidents (i.e., the cost of the IT function). The previous post dealt with costs to the business, so this post will address something not often mentioned - the cost of the Incident Management and resolution service.

Factors to Consider


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