Using Reminders

This post is about a really useful feature of Serio – Reminders.

As you might expect, Reminders are there to remind you to do things. You might set them on an Incident to remind you to call a supplier about an Incident they are handling for you, or to remind you about a customer meeting. You can set as many Reminders as you want on any given Incident, Problem or Change (and cancel them independently also).

When Reminders become due, you can be notified in the following ways:

  • An entry in the Serio Journal
  • A Serio Message
  • A Text Message
  • An EMail

Reminders have a number of nice little touches. One of these is that by default, if an Incident on which outstanding Reminders is resolved, the reminders are cleared (there is a setting to change this however).

You can also place Reminders independently of Incidents. All you need to do is click the ‘Reminders’ chapter – this also shows you all the Reminders you have pending.

You set and cancel Reminders by taking Actions. To set a Reminder, your Serio Administrator needs to have done a little set-up beforehand. He or she should have created some standard Reminder Types, and then created two Actions for you – one to add a Reminder, the other to allow you to cancel it later, if you change your mind.