An Upgrade is on the way – Release 5

As some of you are aware, we’re currently working hard on a major upgrade to both the Serio Helpdesk and Serio Service Desk lines, which we are planning to release in the next quarter (although a firm release has not been set yet).

Currently the changes list details some 40 amendments, some big, some small.

The ‘big-ticket’ items relate to web access and web functionality.


The first of these is PocketSerio-i. This is a browser-based piece of software that complements our mobile product line by allowing you to:

Manage Incidents and Changes

Manage Items

from a handheld, mobile device. We’ve been quite careful with what we assume that the host browser is capable of (ie, it doesn’t need to be the latest and greatest Internet Explorer version, or even Internet Explorer at all), so it should run on a wide-range of hand-held devices that have an ‘always on’ internet connection.

This product doesn’t replace PocketSerio, it complements it. PocketSerio is still good for users that need a download/work and edit/upload model where no persistent wireless internet connection exists.

PocketSerio-i however is aimed at mobile engineers performing site visits to resolve problems, and those performing on site inventory checks and reconciliations where the engineer has an always-connected device. PocketSerio-i actually been around for some time, but Release 5 will be the first time we've bundled it with the standard distribution.

For the technically minded amongst you, PocketSerio-i is an ASP.NET application that uses SerioServer in the same way as the other Serio applications do (in other words, it's a another client using the same business object layers).

As soon as we've sorted-out a few hosting issues, you'll be able to obtain access to this over the web. Simply contact support, letting them know the exact model designation of the mobile device you are using, and the type of wireless connection you have, and we'll send you the access details once we know them. The system will be connected to a simple database we'll set-up for you.


Although this won't replace SerioClient, at least in Release 5, it will allow customers to log Incidents, Problems and Changes over the web, as well and manage Incidents, Problems and Changes. It will certainly allow you to log new tickets, and to place Actions on them (for instance, so make assignments, send eMails, or record resolutions).

Like I said, the plan is not to replace SerioClient immediately but to offer SerioClient-i as an alternative for off-site working.

There are other enhancements due as well. I'll post about these at a later date. Release 5 will be available to customers with a current (active) support plan.