Twitter for Service Desks – a fresh approach to Customer Support

This post is aimed at people who are considering using Twitter as a means of extending their Customer Service operations.

Since its launch back in 2006, Twitter has grown greatly both in the number of users and in the ways users interact with it, and has expanded to a variety of social, political and economy sectors, imprinting its reach in education, law enforcement, academic medicine, campaigning, protesting, business, robotics, politics, fundraising, IT, news reporting, entertainment, arts, etc.

Increasingly used as a business promotional tool, it has more recently entered the Customer Support realm as well.

Whilst some may be wary of setting up a corporate Twitter account for Customer Support, the more venturous collect the benefits of extending their Customer Support operations to expand customer reach, understanding the pivotal importance of the support provided to customers to the overall business operations. Furthermore, in the case of service providers, these accounts may be a means of updating customers on service status.

Not only does setting up a Twitter Customer Support account for businesses offer an additional means of Customers reaching the business/service, it also provides an opportunity for the greatly sought after competitive edge.

At the customer end, it becomes an easy and immediate way of contacting businesses for support, getting updates on service provision and checking the latest updates that fits the customer’s needs and lifestyle. With this, I mean that a person/customer accustomed to using Twitter will more likely feel inclined to request support over Twitter, than to use any other of the more traditional Customer Support means (like sending an email or calling in).

As a two-way communication tool, Serio decided to help SerioPlus customers handle their own corporate Twitter accounts in the management of their customer’s tweets, integrating Twitter into the Service Desk itself. How? By being able to handle incoming customer tweets and to reply to them, we are recording what information is shared with your customers on Twitter and when this information is being shared, much like handling any other Issues in the system. Our vision is to offer the opportunity to manage customer’s tweets in a controlled manner and a candidate release can be expected by all SerioPlus customers by late September, beginning of October!

Of course there is always the possibility of having to deal with the usual Social Media non-sense, but luckily Twitter offers a variety of means to handle those nuisance tweets.

In conclusion, the benefits of extending support service to customers over Twitter largely outweigh any potential downsides as it provides:

  • immediate reach and interaction

  • updated relevant customer information

  • a convenient way for customer contact as Twitter is already available to them through whatever technology they choose to use.

If you’re already using SerioPlus Helpdesk, you can find out more about what you will be able to achieve if you decide to integrate your business Twitter account in our previous Blog post ‘Twitter integration with SerioPlus’.