Twitter integration with SerioPlus

Our development team has recently been working on an interface between SerioPlus and Twitter to allow users to take advantage of social media integration within SerioPlus Service Desk system.

 This will allow SerioPlus users to offer additional services to their customers (for example, the management of their service-related social media content).

The software is currently being extended so that SerioPlus users can handle multiple Twitter accounts from their SerioClient Inbox, providing their customers with the ability to interact directly with their Service Desk, via Twitter.

Our main focus has been on the following aspects:

  •  to allow SerioPlus users to access a particular Twitter account’s timeline and mentions through the Serio Inbox

  •  to allow SerioPlus users to reply to (or tweet messages) through the Serio Inbox

  •  to allow SerioPlus users to log Incidents, Service Requests or Changes straight from an incoming Tweet

  •  to allow multiple Twitter accounts to be handled through the Serio Inbox.

You can expect this new feature to be available in the next 3 months.