Supplier Management - Data Available (if you want it)

My recent posts have been on the subject of Supplier Management, and as I signalled in my last post I’m going to talk about some additional data that becomes available if you have a Supplier Management process implemented in your ITSM tool. All of the information below is available to Serio users.

Let’s start with status data, which you would probably access on a daily basis:

  • The number & details of Incidents being handled by suppliers (in other words, unresolved by the supplier).
  • The number & details of Incidents being handled by a specific supplier.
  • Those Incidents assigned to suppliers where the assignment has not been acknowledged.
  • Incidents assigned to suppliers where a response is outstanding or overdue.
  • Incidents assigned to suppliers where a supplier resolution is outstanding or overdue.

Let’s look at available supplier performance data (this is on a per-supplier basis)

  • Incidents assigned and resolved on a month-by-month basis.
  • Percentage/number of suppliers responses on time.
  • Percentage/number of supplier resolutions on time.

The above data is very Incident focussed. However, it’s probable that you would expand this with data from other areas, most obviously from disciplines such as Availability Management - as I noted earlier for many suppliers this is likely to be more important than Incident resolution performance.

The final post in this thread will give an overview of how you get started with Supplier Management in Serio (the good news is that it does not take too long).