Service Request Checklists - New in Serio 5

I've written previously about some of the changes in ITIL V3 - and in particular Service Requests. My post today is about one of the really nice enhancements in Serio Release 5 to help customers cope better with Service Requests (which can include low-risk, high-volume mini Changes).

The objective was to create something that would help Agents step through a series of steps, offer guidance on what to do, and show others where the SR was in relation to completion - and be simple to set-up and use.

So, we've added something called Checklists. Checklists are really simple, and will be available in both the Serio Helpdesk and Serio Service Desk products.

Think of Checklists as Change Management Light.

The role of the Checklist is to present those working with Service Requests (as well as Incidents, Problems and Changes if you so wish) with:

  • A tick list of tasks (called Jobs) that they have to do in order to resolve the ticket.
  • Help and guidance on how to complete these Jobs.
  • Reminders as to what they've done, and what they need to do next
  • A means whereby the ticket can't be closed until the Checklist is either finished or cancelled.

One additional design goal was simplicity - and I think that's certainly been met. Setting-up a new Checklist takes just minutes, and is easy to amend when you need to. I made a Checklist this morning for making tea in about 10 minutes.

Figure 1 shows how my 'tea' Checklist looks when you're using the tool. Notice also that the instructions for each Job in the Checklist can have a rich text description.Checklist

Figure 1 - 'Tea' Checklist example

Checklists are started, actioned and completed via Actions - so you can usefully combine them with other things like Reminders, email and so on.

You can also use Checklists within existing Change Plans - something you might want to do if you need to make your existing Change Plan Templates simpler (by using Checklists within each Task).

Also includes as part of this enhancement are some new Columns for your Issue Display:

  • Checklist Name
  • Checklist Status (In-Progress, Completed or Cancelled)
  • Current Job
  • Date and time last Job was completed

and we've also added a Checklist search option to queries.