Service Desk/Helpdesk Metrics Health Check

One of the things I help customers with a lot is reporting. In essence, helping people choose what ITSM statistics to examine, and then helping them interpret the data and use it to make management decisions with – something that sounds rather easier than it is for those getting started with ITSM.

I’ve prepared a somewhat light-hearted survey for you to take below to assess the quality of your own reporting. Simply read the statement and then make a note of the score for the best response available for you.

‘I run reports and then frame a text summary of the data available which explains my own conclusions and future actions’

  • I just print them and send them direct to customers (score 1)
  • I sometime do this (score 2)
  • There are reports? (score 0)
  • Yes, I do this every week or month (score 5)

‘My reports focus mainly on Incidents logged and resolved, broken down in different ways’

  • Yes that is true (score 2)
  • I use this data and quite a few other streams as well (score 5)
  • I don’t report on Incidents logged at all (Score 0)

‘I report on the number of first-time fixes made by my Helpdesk/Service Desk’

  • Yes (score 6)
  • What is a first-time fix? (Score 0)

‘I report on responsiveness – how soon we contact customers after reporting a fault’

  • Yes (Score 5)
  • I just report on resolution performance with respect to my SLA (Score 2)
  • I ignore SLA data, my customers don’t care about that (Score 0)

‘My reporting uses Causes for Incidents that we resolve.’

  • No, I’ve never got round to defining any Cause data (score 0)
  • Yes I run reports using Cause data (score 4)
  • Yes, I run reports using Cause data & I use this data to reduce Incidents (score 5)
  • Causes are for wimps - I have a Proactive Problem Management framework in place (score 6)

‘I run reports that produce statistics for both Team and Agent performance. I use this info to see how Incidents move through to resolution.’

  • No my customers are not interested in this (score 0)
  • Sometimes, when I think I have a problem (score 2)
  • Yes always (score 5)

‘My statistics include telephone stats such as call abandonment and number of rings before pickup’

  • Yes (score 5)
  • If we pick up the phone too quickly customers phone too often (score -1)
  • No I never thought about this & don't report on it (score 0)

‘My reports include a section on Major Incidents where I report what Major Incidents occurred, and what we have learned from them’

  • We are too busy fixing the Major Incident to record it and report it (score 0)
  • If I report on Major Incidents we will look bad (score 0)
  • Yes always (score 5)

I’ll write on what you can conclude from your scores in my next post. In the meantime, add up your score.

Edit by admin: You can rate your scores here. We also have a white paper entitled 'Service Desk/Helpdesk Metrics - Getting Started' you can read here.