SerioPlus Updating Coming

A few improvement are coming down the line for SerioPlus users, likely one week away.


The most significant change we've made is in the area of billing, and allowing you to record the chargeable value (i.e., cash) of activities you undertake for clients

We've created a system that allows you to define standard charging bands, which can either be standard across-the-board or varied from customer to customer.

Using the charging bands, you can nominate specific Actions to be either charged at an hourly rate based on the time taken, or on the basis of a flat fee. The system is designed to be flexible, so if you negotiate something special with the customer then the system will cope with that just fine.

At the 'back end' of the Billing/Charging update we've added a screen that allows you to manage your unbilled charges, and to assign these to invoices as you invoice your customers.

If a customer asks you to justify your charges, production of a fully itemised list will be easy.

A number of new 'cash/billing' reports have also been added.

Remote Tools Update

We've performed a few updates to the Remote Tools in SerioPlus.

Aside from changing the default screen view to 'smooth view' to improve the visual aspects, we've also made it possible to show your own desktop for customer training.