SerioPlus Update 29th October

The confirmed changes and enhancements for the Sat 29th October update are below.

Quicker Engage Login – We have introduced a faster way for clients to contact you through Engage. Whereas previously customers had to enter their Account Code (for example, A154B-N76WK) they can now just enter a much shorter 4-character 'pin' such as A123. The pin for your account is shown on the 'remote support' page within SerioClient.

Data Filters – Serio now allows you to define quite complex expressions to filter out data in Manage Incidents, Problem, Service Requests and Changes. The filters can use boolean operators, string and data comparison operators, data functions and wildcards.

A filter editor is provided to help constructing the queries.

Eg: (branch='Edinburgh' or branch='Glasgow') and priority in ('Critical', 'High')

Text customisation – We've added the ability to change text phrases used within SerioAdmin and SerioClient. Edit a phrase or word once, and wherever that phrase or word appears in the application it will be replaced.

Report Text Customisation – We've made it so that you can change any text on the standard reports contained within SerioReports. For example, you might decide to change the company name displayed at the top or each report to that of your own organisation.

Block Hours – We've extended the support for billing models beyond the current pay-for-time, pay-per-event models by introducing a concept of 'Block Bookings' or 'Block Hours'. Under this new model, customers can purchase time in advance. When technicians then spend this time with customers, they can easily record the time they've spent with customers against this booking.

Tools are available to help managers know when bookings are running out, and the status of bookings can be viewed at any time.

Bookings can also be recurring, automatically renewing on a scheduled basis.

Linked Documents – We've added the ability to upload documents and associate them directly with Company/Branches. The existing ability to upload/download to other entities such as CIs is unaffected.

Custom Ticket Prints – Serio now allows you to define custom ticket printouts. These templates are (typically) designed using an HTML editor, added to Serio, and they then become available when you want to print a ticket. These templates can also be directly emailed from the system, and can be used both from the Service Explorer and from the Manage … chapters.

New CSV Export Option - In Incident/Problem/Change/Service Request Management, a new 'Save to CSV' option has been added: 'Description with Resolution'. If chosen, this option causes the Comments made a the ticket is set to Pending Complete and Complete to be added to the Export (assuming the ticket is resolved).

New Reports – New Billing reports have been added (IB18 and 19) .

New Reports - New report IL26a shows how tickets were received (email, phone etc) by Issue Type. The satisfaction survey reports allow you to specify a resolving Team. It is optional; do this and you'll get a team-by-team view of satisfaction. The first-time fix report has a new version 14a that again allows you to specify one or more resolving teams.

New Reports – Summary reports that can be automatically sent directly to customers (TS5 and TS6).

Emails – The amount of information you can send about Changes and Change Plans, and the specific handling of the Main Change has been strengthened and expanded – meaning you can cite more data in the Task emails you send.

Emails – Extended Data can now be included in any email you send.

SLA Selection – We've added the ability to 'wild card' SLA selection, where many different characteristics of a ticket can be combined to derive an Individual SLA. Company, Branch, Priority, Impact, Ticket Category, Ticket Subcategory, Issue Type can all be combined together. Existing selection criteria remain.

Resolution Email BCC – You can now BCC the resolution email for a ticket to an number of email addresses. This works in much the same way as Broadcast Alerts; define the ticket characteristics that the ticket must match (such as Priority or Company) and then attach to this a list of email addresses. When the resolution email for a ticket is sent to the logging customer, it will be BCC'd to those on your list.

Service Explorer – You can now edit Extended Data information from the Service Explorer, bypassing the need to open the ticket directly.

Extended Data Editor – The Extended Data editor has been improved. It makes better use of screen space and can be maximised, making it easier to work with long free text data.

Assignment Notification – You can now broadcast assignment notifications to the whole team if you choose.

Service Explorer - Depending on when you last took an update, a number of improvements have been made to the Service Explorer. Extended Data is now easier to access, links to CIs from tickets (and vice versa) are easier to follow.

ODBC Driver - Our 'hosted' ODBC drivers has been through a number of revisions to improve interoperability with other tools.

Customised Broadcast Alerts – Broadcast Alert emails can be customised, giving customers an alternative to the standard email template. The template for the email is simply placed into the comment for the Broadcast Alert.

Improvements to Networking Architecture – Client-side networking infrastructure and algorithms have been improved, leading to greater reliability on poor networks.

Copying of Extended Data – Both tickets logged from Quick Logs and from Scheduled Events now both copy Extended Data.

Default Company Branch on Scheduled Events – A System Setting has been added to control the way that the Company/Branch is defaulted for tickets logged via Scheduled Events – either the Customer Company/Branch can be used, or that from the template ticket.