SerioPlus now Live

What's New?

No Server - it's a hosted service. This is the most important change – you no longer need to maintain a server, perform upgrades or backups, worry about security if it's on the Internet. The service is delivered over the Internet where ever you are. The client tools are a free download, install them where you need them.

New support tools. Integrated into SerioPlus are tools for remote desktop sharing, file upload and download to customer desktops, and text chat facilities. These tools will work seamlessly through  most firewalls and are an aspect of the service we will continue to develop in the coming months. These tools are there to help you deliver quicker, more efficient support to your customers regardless of their network location.

Integration of the Serio CMDB/CMS into the Service Explorer. The Service Explorer has been a popular addition to the tool, now you can browse and edit Configuration Data directly from the Service Explorer. The Item Diagram is more accessible too – simply click a CI and it will display the Item in visual context.

Updates to Reports, including Scheduled Running. We've added daily, weekly and monthly status reports, and like the rest of the reports package you can schedule this to run reports and email them in PDF to whoever you choose whenever you choose.

Concurrent Licensing. All licensing is now based on an easy to understand concurrent connection model.

Revised Logging Form. We've made some substantial changes to the logging form, to improve ergonomics and reduce time taken to log a ticket.

Web Portal. Your own web portal with zero set-up required. Just click the link on the SerioClient welcome page.

Try it now: Existing customers who wish to try the new service should email

serio-support _at_ serioplus _dot_ com

to obtain a Voucher Code. The Voucher Code will place you on specially-reserved servers away from our public servers.

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