A Serio upgrade is on the way

As I have the honour of writing our first blog entry, I thought I’d start by saying we have an upgrade coming within the next four weeks. As usual, we’ll issue upgrade instructions to all customers with a support contract when the upgrade is ready, along with full info on what is new and how to upgrade.

One of the most significant changes is to our Command Center tool. This product is used for monitoring servers, network links, printers and so on, and is part of our Availability Management offering.

We’ve added quite a few new features, one of the most important of which is Device Properties. These are associated with Validation Scripts, but allow you to attach data directly to the Device within the Command Center set-up – obviating the need to use Value Sets. You can also display Device Property values on the improved status web page displays. So now, for each of the variables you are monitoring, you can see both the target (or threshold) value, and the observed (or current) value in a single place.

Those of you using Value Sets for your own Scripts will be fine – Value Sets still exist and work the same way.

In addition a lot of improvements have been made to the Script editing interface, including a ‘Validation Script Wizard’ that produces finished Validation Scripts for you. I’ll post more on this subject shortly.