Serio Release 7 coming soon

The team at Serio is happy to announce that a new release of SerioPlus is on the way.

The new release improves SerioPlus' overall functionality and gives Serio tools a fresh and renewed look, following the release of Serio's new website.

Serio Release 7

We've completely changed the colour schemes available, including new dark Android-style schemes, and changed the styles of the menus and buttons.

A completely redesigned Logging form

The new Logging form is designed to work with larger resolution screens, as well as the smaller screens we have always supported. In addition, it allows easier and faster capture of data and introduces new editable fields For example, it brings the Extended Data capture into the logging form, making it easier for Serio Agents to capture it and edit it right from the moment an Incident, Service Request, Problem or Change are logged.

Serio Relea\se 7 - logging form

Please stay alert for a full description of changes and improvements. We'll be posting further updates nearer the release date.