Serio Release 6 – Sneek Preview

We're currently hard at work perfecting Serio Release 6.

This will be the biggest release we've done, and the biggest departure from our current offerings that we've ever made.

The most obvious and welcome improvement is that we have created a brand new Server – and one that doesn't use DCOM (that's right, no more DCOM). What this means for customers is that the whole thing runs as a Windows service. Everything, including email. The new Server (called Serio Transaction Server) is actually a web server, and delivers services to all our client applications via HTTP (SSL).

Most excitingly, by February 2010 we'll be able to offer each customer the ability to host their server with us, using Serio as a service over the Internet – so you won't need your own server. We are calling this Serio Plus.

(If you still want to host the software yourself that's fine, we want to offer a choice of hosting options).

Save Money

We aim to save customers money by taking care of

  • Upgrades
  • Backups
  • Security
  • Installation of web tools like PocketSerio-i and SerioClient Express

Customers will also save money by not needing to maintain a server platform themselves, and will not need to spend money on upgrading operating systems.

New Licensing Model

All customers using the new Serio Plus service will immediately transfer onto a concurrent licensing model – making your licenses go further, allowing you to install our client software onto as many machines as you choose.

Serio Release 6 FAQ

Q: Are you going to force me to give-up the server I have now?
A: No. Upgrades and updates will still be available for those that want to host the software themselves.
Q: What stage are you currently at?
A: The new server is currently live, and working with us.
Q: If I want to move to Serio Plus, what is involved?
A: Simply send us two things: Your attachments, and your database. We will then set you up with a Serio Plus account. We will be able to do this in a matter of a few hours for most customers.
Q: Will it cost any extra?
A: For the majority of customers, we intend to offer Serio Plus as a 'no extra cost' option.
Q: Will it save me money?
A: In most cases, we think so. You no longer need to maintain a server (so, for example, you can cancel your server maintenance contract). You no longer need to perform upgrades, or perform backups. If you use our products to maintain a support web presence, we do that for you. The fact that Serio Plus offers only concurrent licensing will also reduce costs.
Q: Is it secure?
A: We've added multiple levels of security into Serio Plus. Aside from account controls such as account Ids and pins, we've created Serio Plus such that each account runs in it's own virtual space, separate from other accounts. We think it's pretty secure.
Q: Will I have to make changes to my firewall?
A: Almost certainly not. Our testing so far has indicated that if a machine can access the Internet with Internet Explorer, Serio Plus will work also.
Q: Why have you done this? After all, you are a software company.
A: We've done this to lower the barriers to ownership, certainly. But we also want to offer some new and powerful services and needed a platform to provide these to customers. More information will be provided about these new services later.