Serio Release 5 Update - PocketSerio-i and Known Errors

This is an update to the earlier Release 5 post, with more information about new features.

Firstly, the new PocketSerio-i application is available for anyone that wants it on servers hosted at our offices in Livingston (in other words, there is nothing to install). PocketSerio-i allows you to action Incident and Changes (and amend the CMDB) through a web browser on a PDA. It supports any browser, so if you can browse the Internet through your PDA then you should be able to use it just fine. It's designed for the very small screen and low connection speeds that PDAs typically have.

Things you can use it for a sending emails to customers through Serio (so they look and feel just like any other support email), making re-assignments and resolving tickets.

We've also added a single-line Issue Summary field to the logging form, so that you can add a pithy description to each Incident, Problem and Change you log. You can then add this to the subject line of emails you send to customers (which helps remind them what the email is about).

One area in which there has been a lot of Change is Known Errors. Previously, customers devised their own way of recording Known Errors – usually by means of Agent Status A or B.

This will still work just fine in Release 5, but we've brought the Known Error concept more directly into the tool. There is now a Chapter (under Tools) called 'Known Errors' which lists each and every Known Error in Serio, helpfully showing the Known Error Description and Workaround together.

As part of this, we've also extended the popular Service Status HTML web pages with Known Error pages – whenever you add or remove a Known Errors, these pages are updated.

Creation and deletion of Known Errors is now done directly via Action Extensions created specifically for that purpose. When creating a Known Error, you set the Known Error Description (which is defaulted to the ticket description, but can be amended independently) and add the Workaround details – and that's it.

And one final thing, we've made it so that you can view Incidents, Problems and Changes all together in your queue if you wish.