Serio Release 5 – Now that the Dust has settled a bit…

Well we've finally got Release 5 out. For those of you who haven't noticed, the Serio Release 5 Website is here. If you've not yet received a download email please contact Serio support – it probably means we have the wrong admin contact on file.

I'm pleased to report that the upgrade process seems to have gone very smoothly for those who have told us they have upgraded. The only problem reported so far has been by a customer who had made their own modifications to the Serio schema – something we tell customers not to do for that very reason (your upgrades will fail). Even then, we've been able to fix the problem.

The feedback has been extremely positive, with the Service Explorer being by far the most popular addition, with PocketSerio-i coming a close second. On the subject of PocketSerio-i, it seems the most popular use for this so far is out of hours support, for engineers on call. Customers log tickets through SerioWeb, and these are then picked-up and worked on through PocketSerio-i whilst at home, in the pub, or at a restaurant. As someone explained to me: 'it means I can do out of the house and do normal things, but still handle any issues that come up and still collect my out-of-hours fee'.

Release 5.1

We've already started work on Serio 5.1, which we are planning to be a smaller upgrade (5.1 has yet to have any kind of date fixed yet). A lot of Diary changes are planned or have already been completed – for instance, Diary changes are now audited, you can colour-code Diary entries, and we are probably going to move the Change Plan Diary and some other items into there as well, giving you a lot of control over what you see. We've also added Diary support into PocketSerio-i (a great, great addition).

We really would like to hear your feedback and thoughts on how we can make the Diary even better.

Aside from the Diary, PocketSerio-i and SerioClient Express will (probably) be the focus for Release 5.1.

A number of you have asked for more customisation options on the Service Explorer (such as customisable colours like in Incident Management). We are going to try something along these lines, so long as nothing detracts from the ease-of-use of the Service Explorer.