Serio Anti Spam Solution Release Announcement

We're glad to announce that our Anti Spam Solution will be released on Saturday, 21st December 2013.

As described in the Anti Spam Update Details post, this system examines your Customer Database and checks the incoming email address against it, admitting only those emails whose sender is known to your Database.  This is done by checking both the customer's whole email address or the customer's domain, depending on your selected settings.

Please consider the following example. is a customer email address in your DB.

The following incoming email arrives at your Inbox: and you have selected the 'Ensure that the Senders Domain Address Part is in the Serio Database' option.

Your Spam Filter checks this address against your customer DB  but cannot find that specific email address. However, the domain is known to your Customer DB and therefore the email is admitted in your Inbox.

Should you have selected the 'Ensure that the Senders Whole Email Address is in the Serio Database' option instead, the email would be blocked and kept in your Spam Folder.

Furthermore, we've added the ability to Whitelist or Blacklist any domains and/or addresses you see fit.

All refused emails will sit on your Spam Folder and you'll be able to manually move any emails from that folder to your Inbox.

Please note that the only exception to our Anti Spam solution are emails containing reply references, such as the reference number affected to a logged Incident, Problem, Change or Service Request. In this case, the system receives the email and, should it contain a valid reference number, it will automatically be accepted in the Serio Inbox.

Again, this is an 'opt-in' system and those of you who haven't experienced Spam, can leave things as they are, should you choose to do so.

You'll be able to access the Anti Spam Filter from your SerioPlus Account Console (by clicking on the Serio logo from your SerioClient).

If you have any enquiries or suggestions about this, please get in touch through serio-support -at-serioplus -dot- com.