Quick Tip - Speed Logging

Here’s a really nice but often unnoticed feature of SerioClient – speed logging (or logging an Incident in a few clicks). There are number of ways you can use this (for instance, repeat Incidents) but what I will write about is common Incidents. These are things such as password resets that you might have to perform 10 times a day.

Naturally you wish to log Incidents to record these, otherwise your reporting will be inaccurate. If you are logging Incidents such as this the usual way – by categorising and writing a description – you are going about it the long winded way.

Here’s how you would go about doing things the fast way.

  1. The next time some one calls for a password reset, log the Incident correctly as you do at the moment. Categorise it, and put in a decent description. Save the Incident.
  2. Look at the bottom of the screen. You see the link marked ‘Create Serio Alert’?. Click it. Give the Alert a name such as ‘Quick Password Reset’ then save it. (You only have to do steps 1 and 2 once) For the second (and all subsequent) password reset here is what you do.
  3. Select the customer details as normal.
  4. You’ll be taken onto the Incident Details screen. But look at the screen. See that there is a tab at the top marked ‘Serio Alerts’? Click this (or type Ctrl-2 shortcut).
  5. You will be able to see an Alert called ‘Quick Password Reset’. Select it an click save.
  6. Congratulations! You’ve just speed logged an Incident with a few clicks. It looks just like the Incident you created in step 1, but has a different customer.

Try it, it’s an easy way to log Incidents in a few clicks. Don’t forget to tell your colleagues what you’ve done, and how to use the Alert.