Quick tip - Highlight Rows in Incident/Problem/Change lists

Ever wished you could highlight High Priority Incidents red? Or Hardware faults blue? Here's how you do it.

  1. Go to your list of Incidents, Problems or Changes.

Serio Incident List

    ​Figure 1 - Incident List

  1. Alt-Click the data item you wish to highlight by. In this example, I want to highlight by Priority, so I Alt-Click Priority.This will bring up the row highlighter dialog.

Data Highlighter

Use the highlighter to specify your colours and styles. I will choose a red background.




Figure 2 - Data Highlighter


  1. When you click 'OK' this is what you see. 

Highlighted High Priority Incidents (in red)Figure 3 - Highlighted High Priority Incidents (in red)


  1. You can set multiple highlighting options - Serio evalutates them in the order you leave them in the list.
  2. Lots of screens in Serio can be customised like this - just try Alt-Click.